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uPIC book

"uPIC, the beginners guide to PICmicro with more than 40 application ideas" provides valuable information for engineers and scientists who did not get a chance to study the RISC architecture of PICmicro in embedded control systems and are interested to learn the principles and applications of the same through self-study.The book contains detailed information on PICmicro 16C54 and their usage in control applications starting from its origin, architecture, block diagram, instruction set, program development, etc. Details of PICker kit with plug in modules and the applications of the PICmicro have been described with several illustrative design examples.

Contents of uPIC book

Introduction to uPIC

Origin of the PICmicro ?
The PICmicro 12/14/16/17/18 Series
The PICmicro Family
Pinout of PICmicro 16C54

Hardware description of PICmicro 16C54
The PICmicro Architecture & Hardware
PICmicro Harvard Architecture
PICmicro Block diagram
Working Register (W)
Program memory
Data Memory / File registers
Program Counter
Status register
File Selection Register (FSR)
Option Register
Indirect Data Addressing Register (INDF)
Digital I/O port
Clock Oscillators
Timer module (TMR0)
Watchdog timer
Reset circuitry
Instruction cycle
Long Word Instruction
Power Down Mode / Sleep
Configuration fuses
Instruction Set
High Level Language support

Program development on PICmicro
MPASM quick reference guide
Source Code Formats
Files with default extension used by
MPASM and Utility Functions
Listing File Format
Error File Format (.ERR)
Text Strings
Numeric Constants and Radix
Radix Specifications
Arithmetic Operators and Precedence

Intel Hex Format (.HEX)
8-Bit Split Format (.HXL/.HXH)
32-Bit Hex Format (.HEX)

Key to PIC16/17 Family Instruction Sets
Byte oriented operation
Bit oriented operation
Literal and control operation
PIC 16C5X Instruction Set
PIC 16C5X Literal and Control Operations
PIC 16C5X Byte Oriented File Register

PIC 16C5X Bit Oriented File Register
PIC 16CXX Instruction Set
PIC 16CXX Literal and Control Operations
PIC 16CXX Byte Oriented File Register
PIC 16CXX Bit Oriented File Register Operations PIC 16C5X / PIC 16CXX Special Instruction Mnemonics Bit manipulation comparision What is the PICsip2, PICdip, PICdip2 and PICpad ?
The PICsip2
The PICdip
The PICdip2
The PICpad The PICker Schematic
The PICker board
The PICker Description
Power supply
SIP and DIP socket
Display and LED’s with drivers
Speaker / Piezo buzzer / Piezo diaphragm
Serial drivers
Zero crossing detectors
Port and peripheral initialisation
The PICmicro 16C54
The PICmicro 16C84

Designing a 2 DIGIT TIMER with a PICmicro
The Hardware
The Operation
The software
General tips to the programmers of

Application ideas in uPIC

PICbus (PIC to PIC communication)
Configuration techniques
Input interface
Universal gate
Variable and selectable Monostable
Micro Logic Controller
Smart Switch with serial Interface
Relay sequencer
Interface to a stepper motor
Multi channel ADC
Baud rate generator
Light / Fan Dimmer
IR transmitting and receiving
A 4 digit up / down counter
A 5 digit up counter
Interfacing a printer
Quiz Timer
Alarm System with 110 dB sound
Decorative lights
Remote display

Interfacing with LCD modules
Interfacing with Encoders
Water level controllerDAC
Two digit timer
Interfacing with DS1302 RTC / HT1380
Smart flasher
HEX decoder
RS232 / RS485 driver board
DC motor driving via H Bridge
Single Phasing Preventor with Phase Sequence Corrector
Pulse generator / calibrator
HEX keypad
Blind temperature controller
Single digit counter / timer
Temperature controller
Remote relay control
Porch light control
Caller ID
Irrigation pump controller
Telephone controlled switch
Interface to AD7705 a 16 bit, 2 channel differential ADC