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Development kits



Designed to suit any 18 pins PICmicro for educational and Industrial applications

  • 4 numbers of 7 segment display

  • 4 keys
  • 1 SPDT relay
  • 12 bits 2 channel external ADC (MCP3202)
  • +5 volts DC supply



PICker3B is the low cost development module for 28 pins PICmicro using 16F873

  • Self Programming capability

  • RS232 interface
  • 34 pin BOX header with 22 I/O lines
  • Accepts any AC voltage from 8 volts to 15 volts



PICker4B is the low cost development module for 40 pins PICmicro

  • Development of 40 pins PICmicro using 16F877

  • Self Programming capability
  • RS232 interface
  • 34 pin BOX header with 32 I/O lines
  • Accepts any AC voltage from 8 volts to 15 volts



PICker4 has been designed by professionals who have more than 8 years experience in using various PICmicro right from 8 pins to 40 pins. PICker4 has been designed for the industrial engineers and engineering students. PICker4 comes along with built-in programmer, power supply and a user manual.

  • 1 X 16 LCD module

  • 6 numbers of High Bright 7 segment displays
  • 4 x 4 matrix keyboard
  • 4 pulled up keys
  • 8 sourced indicating LEDís
  • On board NTC (Temperature Sensor)
  • On board and external ADC Interface
  • Pulse input (Counter interface)
  • CCP input (RPM measurement)
  • PWM output (Digital to Analogue)
  • Buzzer
  • RS232 and RS485 interface
  • IIC Serial EEPROM interface
  • On board Ir Interface
  • Accepts any AC voltage from 8 to 15 volts



These ICBL for 8, 14, 18, 28 and 40 pins PICmicro, simulate the hardware function of the 12C508, 12C509, 16C505, 16C84, 18F83, 16F84, 16F81x, 16C62x, 16C7xx, 16C87x,etc. Features like comparators are not available. Features of 16F873 and 16F877 are utilized to emulate/simulate the functions of the other PICmicro. 100% hardware simulation is not possible nor supported.

Plug the ICBL into the target socket IC base. Connect the supplied serial cable to the ICBL on one end and to the PCís COM port on the other end. Run ICBL.EXE program, select the COM port, select the HEX file to program and press PROGRAM. Press the reset button on the ICBL and the programming will commence and on completion, the target program will start immediately. This will save time in code development cycle.

PICmicro CD

  • Application and technical notes from e-CHIP INFOTEK (P) LTD.,

  • PICmicro code examples for 16F84 and 16F877
  • PICmicro based kits and its applications
  • In Circuit Boot Loader software
  • PICmicro based projects
  • PCB design software - CADSTAR Lite, EAGLE Lite and TARGET
  • MPLAB and FILTERLAB software from Microchip
  • PC based software like 602pro, Acrobat5, Calc98
  • ASCII chart, Oscilloscope, etc.,
  • Visual learning tool like Virtual breadboard
  • Virtual PIC for 16F84 and 16F877
  • 3rd Party editors
  • Circuit Simulation Software
  • C compilers for 16F84, 16F628 and 16F87x
  • Others software tools to speed up code development process
  • PICmicro code examples and many more