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Industrial and students projects that we have executed


Light and Fan remote control

IR based remote control units in the following combination

  • 2 Lights without memory

  • 4 Lights without memory
  • 4 Lights and 1 Fan with memory
  • 8 lights, 1 Fan and 1 Dimmer with memory
  • 12 Lights, 1 Fan and 1 Dimmer with memory

Water Level Controller

  • Economy Model for 1 motor

  • Programmable Model for 1 and 2 motors

Auto Mains Change Over

  • Mains to Generator switch over unit

3 Phase motor control

  • Thyrister based

Animal tagging and monitoring

  • RFID based

AT Keyboard Emulation

  • AT keyboard substitution for embedded PC

Automatic Telephone Dialer

  • Dialls the programmed number

Auto Dispenser

  • Dispences fluid as per the program

Billing and printing unit

  • Acquires weight, calculates and prints

Battery Charger Monitor

  • Monitors the battery charger parameters

Caller ID

  • Displays and stores incomming, outgoing and missed calls

Capacitive Discharge Ignition

  • CDI for two wheelers

Car and two wheeler Alarms

  • Alarms with many customised features

Current Sensor

  • Typically for Electro Magnets

Transformer Tester

  • Tester for voltage, current and phase angle

Dancing Lights

  • Deorative lights with intensity control for LED's and bulbs

Data Logger

  • MODBUS based

Data printer

Detonation Timer

  • For explosives detonation

Digital potentiometer

  • PIC12C508 + 24LC01 based PWM outout

DMX512 based control

  • Lighting control

Fuel dispenser

  • Petrol and Diesel pump application

Glow Plug Timer

  • For Diesel vehicles

IPM tester

  • Test equipment

Microwave Oven Controller

Multi channel remote Light and Fan Control

  • IR and RF based

Multi Tone Siren

  • 8 tones genetation

Pager based control

  • Lighting control

Pop-up Toaster controller

  • PIC12C508 based

Programmable Timers and Counters

  • Multi channel and multi output

Quiz timer

  • 10 stations

Remote and local Annunciator

  • For industrial application

Remote Data Transmitter

  • RF based with LCD

Remote messaging

  • RF based with LCD

RS232 based remote control

  • Relay control

School Bell Timer

  • Multi program and outputs

Plating Rectifier Controller

  • RS485 based multi point control

Security Systems

  • With auto dialler, programmablity and many other features

RS232 serial LCD interface

  • 1x8, 1x16, 2x16, 2x20 and 4x20

RS232 serial LED interface

  • 6 digits at 2400 baud

Single Phasing Preventor with Phase Sequence Corrector

Stepper Motor Controller

  • Switch and RS232 based

Telephone Controlled Switch

  • Without maturing a call

Trail Lift System

  • for trucks

UPS monitoring system

  • Multi parameter monitor, logging and alarm

Vibratory Feeder controller

  • For Vibratory feeders with soft start

Voltage Stabliser

  • PIC12C058 based

Washing Machine Controller

  • with many features

Water purifier

  • Many models

Weighing Scale

  • Many models


Fuel Injection

Wind Speed Indicator

Security Alarm

Data Logger

Generator Control Unit

RF Messaging


SMS controlled Motor

Temeprature Controller

Serial EEPROM Programmer

Stepper Motor Controller

DC Motor Controller

AC Motor Control

Energy meter

Fuel Injection

DC Motor Control

Home Automation

Mains parameter monitor

Waveform generator